Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Macquarie Hunter acknowledges the importance treating everyone equally in regard to addressing disciplinary issues. This Policy ensures that all members have a consistent disciplinary process.

Disciplinary Procedure

Breaches of any Macquarie Hunter Athletics (the Club) Constitution, Code of Ethics or Policies shall be dealt with by the Disciplinary Policy.

If the breach is considered to be a criminal act, the matter must be forwarded immediately to the NSW Police by the Club Secretary and the club shall immediately proceed to Step 3 in this Policy when an outcome has been determined by the authorities investigation.

If the Breach is not considered as a criminal act, the following process should apply:

Step 1
Address the breach with the club member in a private, confidential manner. If this does not resolve the issue OR you feel uncomfortable in having a direct confrontation then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2
Notify the an Executive responsible for the member (if you are unsure, then contact any executive about the matter) in writing of the breach including all relevant details (Name, Date, Location, breach details and all correspondence that has taken place. It would be expected that the Executive will either address the issue with the member and or if the breach is serious and requires a Disciplinary Hearing, proceed to Step 3. If this does not resolve the issue and believe that the Executive is no longer providing you with the appropriate assistance then proceed to Step 3.
Step 3
Notify the Risk Assessment Executive of the breach and all correspondence, including details provided to the other Executive. The Risk Assessment Executive shall organise a suitable time and location to conduct a disciplinary hearing upon which all stake holders will be required to provide details. The Disciplinary hearing shall determine if there has been a Breach and if so; whether it is a:

a) Minor Breach

i. The Breach was accidental and can be resolved through improvements to communication and training and;
ii. The breach does not involve a criminal activity

b) Major Breach

i. The Breach was a deliberate act and / or;
ii. The Breach involves a criminal activity.

If the Breach is considered to be Minor then a written warning shall be given to the coach highlighting the breach and appropriate information shall be supplied to prevent another incident. The club member shall be suspended from the club for 12 months if:

i) The same Minor Breach has addressed by the Disciplinary Committee with the same member more than once or
ii) More than three different Minor Breaches have been addressed by the Disciplinary Committee with the same member.

A member shall have a lifetime ban if;

i) The Breach is considered to be a Major Breach or;
ii) The member has had a Minor Breach for the same offence that they have previously incurred a 12 month ban.

It is the policy of Macquarie Hunter Athletics Inc that if a person receives a lifetime ban, and the ban is relevant to an affiliated body, a written formal complaint will be sent to the affiliated body informing them of the ban and all previous disciplinary action taken.