AWD/Multi Class

AWD/Multi-Class (Para)

Little Athletics is committed to creating opportunities for everyone. At Macquarie Hunter we have a AWD/multi class team who compete on Saturdays. For more information please contact Rachael Keyes – awd@Machunter.com.au

Athletics is a sport for all, with many opportunities to develop skills, participate in different events, and compete through the levels of competition – no matter the level of ability, there is a place in our community!

At Centre level we have the opportunity to provide the very best experience for all athletes through guaranteeing a warm welcome, understanding the athlete’s needs, continued communication with both athletes and parents and respecting and encouraging the athlete in participating in everything they can and want to do.

Also highlighting and encouraging athletes that there is a competition element to pursue if they would like to.


Classification is a way of grouping athletes of a similar impairment or disability for the purpose of competition. Classification exists to create a “fair” competition and positive sporting experience amongst athletes of different disabilities.

Classification is only required by those Little Athletes wanting to compete at a championship level. It is not required to participate at a centre level.

Each classification is organised through different organisations. See the below listing and links.

For further information about classification, visit the Athletics Australia website. The information portal is for anyone with questions about classification & people wanting to be classified. Here you will also find the Classification Masterlist. This Masterlist shows all athletes who have been classified to compete at a Region, State, National & International level of competition.

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For More detailed Information please visit https://mauve-tan-dxsx.squarespace.com/multi-class-para